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An Appeal from India Born Frank Poonawala

December 10, 2014 , Frank Poonawala (

Frank-and-Nisreen-Pic-1My name is Frank Poonawala and I was born in India and migrated to USA in Feb 1992. Being a first immigrant, life was very challenging and due to this I was diagnosed with Hypertension which ultimately led to my renal failure. Besides that I was also diagnosed with auto immune disease known as hemolytic anemia which destroyed my red blood cells. This was cured by removing my spleen which is called spleenectomy.

After few years I had been diagnosed with arrhythmia and had ICD (PACEMAKER) implanted in my upper left chest. Since May 2011 I had renal failure and had to go on hemodialysis. Presently I am on active transplant list with Albany Med. Also I have had a fistula and 2 grafts on my left upper arm which are not functioning anymore and I have been dialyzing through a cathether.

Next game plan is to get a fistula or graft in my right arm which is currently being evaluated. By profession I am a travel agent and I really enjoy my career working out of my home. As you know travel has always been my passion but due to dialysis and insurance limitations my International travel is not possible. Also I do not have extended family in this country which gives me less opportunity to find a healthy donor. But I have a strong conviction in God and am totally positive that He will make it happen some day in the near future. Thank you for your precious time to read my long heath related issues. May God grant everyone a long, healthy and loving life.

Frank Poonawala lives in Schenectady, NY. He has blood type “O” You can contact Frank by using the form below.

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