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A Mother’s Story?

February 9, 2015 , ജോയിച്ചന്‍ പുതുക്കുളം



I am the mother of Shajan Kuriakose, our candidate for Alderman in the 50th Ward. I wanted to personally reach out to thank you for your support and faith in him. With your support, Shajan has been navigating the campaign with great progress.

We, Shajan’s late father and I, came to the U.S. in the 1970s to pursue a better life for ourselves, but more importantly, for our children. While raising them, we showed them the importance of serving others and included them in this service. When we hosted newly immigrants in our home, helped them learn the language, access resources, pursue higher education, and secure employment, our children learned the lesson of serving others, even finding joy in it.

From early on, Shajan showed an ability to recognize needy situations and the willingness to intervene. Without being asked, I remember him mowing the lawn and plowing the snow for our elderly neighbors, staying up late nights to type my college papers while I pursued higher education, and helping the church and community organizations with their various activities.

Shajan wants to continue serving the people and the community even more now. And that is why he is running for the Alderman of the 50th Ward.

And for this, I am asking for your help.

Can I count on you to support my son by contributing $25, $50, or $100?

I know you have been supportive of my son through his campaign but he needs more help from you to get his message of service out to the voters.

Shajan has put his heart and soul into this campaign. Please support him as we all have supported each other.

Contribute $25, $50 or $100 today!

Forever Grateful,
Marykutty Kuriakose

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