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IAPC ANNOUNCES NEW NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President : Dr.S.S.Lal, Exec.Vice President: Annie J Koshy, General Secretary: Biju Chacko   ****    എല്ല ജോണ്‍സ് ഫെര്‍ഗൂസണ്‍ കൗണ്‍സില്‍ പ്രഥമ വനിത ബ്ലാക്ക് മേയര്‍   ****    ജോര്‍ജ്ജ് ഫ്ലോയ്ഡ് വധം; മൂന്നു പോലീസ് ഓഫീസര്‍മാര്‍ക്കെതിരെ കേസെടുത്തു   ****    ഗുരുദേവനെ ആത്മാവില്‍ തൊട്ടറിഞ്ഞ അനുഭവ സാക്ഷ്യവുമായി ബ്രഹ്മശ്രീ സത്യാനന്ദ തീര്‍ത്ഥ സ്വാമികള്‍   ****    Northern New Jersey Community Foundation Names Executive Director   ****    J&K: encounter with militants of security forces in Pulwama, 1 killed, 2 surrounded, search operation going on   ****    Coronavirus infection cases for the first time in CBI, two officers turned positive   ****    Delhi: Corona patients start looking for new place for stay, funeral   ****    With the demise of Wajid Khan, a disheveled pair of brothers broke up in 1998   ****    India has given another major blow to WHO, this step in the treatment of Corona virus   ****    Lata Mangeshkar pays tribute to the author of the song ‘Kahin far jab din din dhal jaye …’   ****    Jyothika’s film Ponmagal Vandhal leaked online before digital release   ****   

INOC chair applauds TRAI’s decision to keep ‘Net Neutrality’

February 9, 2016 , INOC USA

maxresdefaultWe applaud the decision of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s decision to choose Net Neutrality banning immediately any differential pricing for data – that means no content can be offered under a varying pricing scheme, said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress and a former Chief Technology Officer of the United Nations.

‘Violators will be penalized at Rs. 50,000 per day, said regulator TRAI, stressing that “content agnostic” access to the internet is the operating principle; however, data charges can be dropped during public emergencies like flooding’.

TRAI is justified in suspending the push by Facebook and others in their argument that it violates the principles of ‘net neutrality, the concept that all websites on the internet are treated equally. Differential pricing would have placed small content providers and start-ups at major disadvantage.

Net neutrality translates into an open Internet where users can have full freedom of access and navigation. It means innovators can develop products and services without restraints. The broadband providers cannot block, throttle or create special ‘fast lane’ (prioritize) for their preferred set of users and content providers.

‘We also salute Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of the AICC, who stood alongside with neutrality activists and raised this critical issue inside and outside of the Parliament’.

‘We are indeed quite satisfied that we were also able to contribute our share arguments in support of ‘net neutrality and the authorities who have made this difficult decision under tremendous pressure deserve the gratitude of a nation’, the statement continued.

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