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INOC, USA condemns ‘cow vigilantes’ brutal beating of Dalit youth

July 27, 2016

Dalit-lynchingIndian National Overseas Congress, USA strongly condemns the vigilante justice meted out to Dalit citizens in Gujarat over the false allegations of killing of cows. Four Dalit youths were severely beaten up and dragged on the road for nearly a kilometer in Gir Somnath district of Gujarat for allegedly possessing beef.

‘These incidents, which have become routine occurrences in today’s India, are reprehensible and a matter of concern and shame especially to NRIs who live abroad’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the INOC, USA.

There is very little doubt that the BJP, a party dominated by upper castes, has created an environment where these cow vigilantism is tolerated or may even be protected. It also points to breakdown of law and order situation in the country where self-appointed vigilantes take the law unto their own hands and continue their mistreatment of Dalits and minorities as in the past.

It is common knowledge that the so-called upper castes will not touch the carcass and the Dalits are forced to clear or handle it and when they do, they are mercilessly beaten up in the name of self-appointed vigilante ‘Gau Rakshak Samiti’.  These vigilantes are secure in the knowledge that the law and order System will not work against them. They have no fear of retribution or punishment.

INOC is requesting the Government of India for the immediate ban of these cow vigilante groups and restore law and order for all its citizens. We are also requesting the NRIs around the globe, to raise their voices against this injustice and stand in solidarity with Dalits and other poor people who do not have easy access to law and justice while they continue to suffer under the so-called caste system.


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