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Ten Golden Rules to Keep You Healthy and Younger

August 22, 2016

aprilage_faces-1024x458Aging is inevitable, but, clearly, it happens at different rates depending on the person. Have you ever wondered why some people age at a later stage than others? Of course, everyone wants to prolong their youthful glow before it vanishes completely, but how is that possible? The secret lies in your habits – see whether what you are doing every day is actually making you feel, and look, older than your age.

Age gracefully by avoiding these 10 daily mistakes:

1. Giving into cravings: It’s easy to give into a tasty dessert, but if you’re willing to keep your physique in shape and look young, keep an eye on your sugar and fat intake. As we all know, the older you get, the easier it is to develop conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, unfortunately, these are all linked to sugar consumption. Furthermore, sugar can also result in wrinkles all over your body, making your skin look puffy and tired.

2. Chronic under-sleeping: At night, adults should ideally sleep for 7-9 hours. When you get enough sleep, your body produces the sleep hormone, Melotonin, which in turn repairs your cells and DNA. Another reason you should be getting enough bed-time rest is due to a human growth hormone, also produced at night – this hormone is responsible for muscle tone and vitality. Sleep has a lot of benefits, and a lack of it can have a negative effect on a physical and psychological level, leaving you looking older than your actual age and craving more high-calorie foods.

3. Not loving yourself: How much you love yourself is revealed in your happiness and energy. People who love themselves do so by making sure that they dedicate enough time to themselves each day. There are many ways to go about this – reading a good book, having a cup of your favorite tea, taking up a new hobby, or signing up for an art class. This will give a new outlook to your day, and you’ll soon discover how even though you’re aging, there are still some new, interesting things to learn about yourself!

4. Using alcohol as a problem solver: You must have heard of the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine a day. But gulping down a whole bottle is a different story. When the going gets rough, it’s easy to submit to something that makes you forget about it for a while, but drinking alcohol won’t solve any problem. Learn to face and deal with your problems effectively, rather than escaping them. Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on your health, including increased inflammation and slower metabolism. You may find that writing your issues down on paper is better for you, and it is also a cheaper option.

5. Forgetting to forgive: Remember that holding onto grudges is a waste of time. When we do not forgive, we are putting more stress upon ourselves, along with high blood pressure, anxiety and sometimes even depression. Detach yourself from the past by forgiving, or asking for forgiveness. Sometimes it’s also necessary to do it with yourself – forgive your expectations that weren’t reached, forgive the pain you went through because of them, and forgive the time it took you to move on. Your maturity shouldn’t limit you from doing this.

6. Being antisocial: You might be busy with work and house chores – but make sure this doesn’t hold you back from being social. Every now and then, remind yourself to have some fun. Spending time with friends and socializing is a great way to relax. Throw a dinner or tea party for some endless chatting and giggling, for instance. Also, remember that it’s not only you who needs your friends – sometimes they need you for support too. So be loyal to them, because you can’t afford the risk of losing them.

7. Being surrounded by chemicals: Do not forget that chemicals are found all around us, from the food we eat, to the cleaning products we use. Such chemicals contain sulfates, parabens and phthalates, which act as subtle poisons to our bodies, and mess with our hormones. Make sure that the goods you are buying are toxin-free, to avoid the chances of having them increase your aging effects, such as increased wrinkles on the hands due to your dish soap. Get into the habit of reading the labels of the products you pick, making sure they are organic and contain limited ingredients.

8. Not prioritizing intimacy: Apart from strengthening your relationship, sexual contact brings a multitude of other benefits to your health. This should be totally natural, but as you age and get busier, it’s easy to lose the spark. Make sure you maintain regular intimate moments with your partner to reap anti-aging advantages, such as reducing stress levels and boosting your immune system. You may even anticipate these moments together from beforehand to prolong the desire and make it all the more exciting.

9. Exercising for the wrong reasons: If you’re exercising merely with the aim of losing weight, you’re doing it all wrong. The main reason you should be getting active should be a much more positive one – feeling good about yourself is part of it. Besides, when we move our body, “happy hormones” are released, and this is the kind of pleasure we shouldn’t miss out on during our workouts. If you keep thinking about your unwanted fat and feeling guilty about the reason behind your extra pounds, you’ll be missing out on all the fun exercising brings with it!

10. Being too serious: Aging can bring its gloom, but it’s not your fault it’s happening, is it? So why let it bring you down? The top thing that makes your aging more apparent is grumpiness. Shake this off and replace your frown with a smile. Don’t take everything too seriously – sometimes it’s not even worth the worry, especially when you’re carrying other people’s burdens.
Be sure to be optimistic at all times, and not to shut out humor from your life. The more positive vibes you exhibit, the more of a youthful, lively impression you will leave on others. Whoever you are with, never miss the opportunity of giving someone a good chuckle!

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