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Trump Reinstates Global Gag Rule, Banning NGOs From Receiving Federal Funds If They Mention Abortion

January 23, 2017

mexico-menMr Trump’s reintroduction of the so-called Mexico City Policy or “global gag rule”, drew condemnation from abortion rights and reproductive health campaigners.

And people were quick to point out that Mr Trump signed this executive order, which could impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, surrounded be men.

The Huffington Post said that under the administration of Barack Obama, which rescinded the ban in 2009, US funds helped 27m women access contraceptives.

The US government spends around $600m a year on international assistance for family planning and reproductive health.

In the Oval Office, Mr Trump was surrounded by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, National Trade Council adviser Peter Navarro, Senior Adviser Jared Kushner, policy adviser Stephen Miller, and chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Vice President Mike Pence, known for his strident opposition to abortion rights, was also present.

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