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There’s a Magic in Everybody’s Heart

April 10, 2017

With all the battles that life brings with it, we sometimes forget to value ourselves. Life can be too distracting for us to focus on our goals and purpose. Sometimes, all we need is someone to motivate us and remind us of our worth, our values, and of the reasons why we are so special to them. I wanted to remind you of this, to remind you of the magic you have inside you. I hope you enjoy this charming poem and presentation as my gift to you today.

Don’t ever give up on What’s in your heart…


Don’t ever let go of What it is you believe in…


Don’t ever say the road is too tough And that it’s better to quit…


Don’t ever think that you don’t matter; Because you’re important to me.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you That you can’t follow your dreams…


Don’t ever think that the world Doesn’t need someone like you…


You’ve touched my heart and my life Just by being who you are And doing the things you do.


There’s a magic in you That no other could possess. A quality, a warmth, a sparkle That will carry you through life’s tests.


There’s a magic in you That makes you special to me.

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