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Woh afsana jise anjaam tak, laana no ho mumkim……… (M.A. Waheed)

April 19, 2018

Woh banner1Poets, philosophers, painters, actors, artists have wrestled with their unlimited passion of undying love for a beloved they could not conclude with the societal vows of marriage. Some of them lived, un-loved in the mandap but yearned and died for love outside the mandap. There are legends of Soni-Mahwal, Laila-Majnoo, Heer-Ranjha, Devdas-Paro, Shireen-Farhad, Dilip-Madhu, Raj-Nargis and the heart breaking Silisila of Amitabh-Rekha. Love stories thrive on rumors, fantasy and fertile imagination of minds and hearts longing and pinning to chase unreal shadows of make-believe castles…….where the cast of hero-heroine battle victoriously against all odds of religious barriers, economic fences and social swords. Bollywood sagas are supposedly based on fiction divorced from reality. However replay the sequence between Raj Kapoor and Nargis dancing and prancing and emoting under an umbrella to the tunes of, “pyarhuaekraarhua……”, as love-locked lovers, immune to the cameras and oblivious to the fact that the world will watch this sequence again and again on a huge screen. Was it acting? What about the logo for RK films? The chemistry on-screen is clearly visible and audible to the dumbest of viewers. Was it true? Was it real? The pyaas in Waheeda’s eyes, when she sings…Jane kya tune kahi, janekyamainesuni, and the magnetic pull with which she draws Guru Dutt, brings tears to your eyes…..does she mirror or mimic your sentiments?

The answer lies in the bastions of your heart……..does an episode, an interaction an impulse resonate with the inner feelings of your emotional mines. Amrita Pritam wrote about meeting SahirLudhianvi once, “I do not know whether it was the magic of his words or his silent gaze, but I was captivated by him”. It is said that their’s is a relationship defined by silence. The “rang barse” dance sequence between Amitabh and Rekha was so intense that Jaya Bhaduri is believed to have summoned Rekha to her house to tell her that she is not leaving her husband, come what may. Immortal expressions of spontaneous chemistry on-screen is a quotient of an emotional calculus off-screen so say pundits of cinematic psychology. Even the best of actors cannot dodge, distort or deflect their true sentiments and get drowned in the oceans of their love and commitment on-camera and off-camera…….albeit un-expressed, repressed and suppressed in layers of social boundaries. Juicily nimble with her slender figure and expressions of amorous longings, the talented Rekha presented in the dance sequence in MuqaddarKaSikandar are a piece of DNA acting she inherits, or may be the maturity and grace from her Gemini Ganeshan father or the unusual grace and suppleness of her torso or the eloquence in her eyes comes from the labryinths of her heart that defies definitions of mundane love? Unresolved mysteries for students of art? Inspirational for lovers of heart?

An aspiring SUNY student, pretty young Bollywood choreographer, Christine (American by birth) may be a re-incarnation of a damsel from Kottayam, dreams that SRK and Kajol should have got married. Fans constantly multiply their match-making fantasies and jump out of real-world to reel-world. What if Suraiya had the courage to defy her orthodox Nani to marry the ever-green Devanand.Is there an omni-present Shahensha dividing aAnarkali from Shahzeda Salim? Or should a true love story have a unhappy ending to enshrine the pages of history books? It may be a project for posterity to research, review and recreate the lessons of love and sacrifice of artistes that roared the screen with dialogues penned by writers who claimed……Anarkali…..”Salim tujhemarnenahidegaaur hum tujhejeenenahidenge!” It may be a great lesson for all, if those lovers who departed to the other world were filmed and projected back to earth with their true feelings, or if we could decipher for whom does Rekha decorate thesindoor or wear the mangal sutra?
Or should you calibrate your heart beats to measure and yearn for the true love only you know and cannot escape the echoes that haunt, hint and hound your life here and will taunt, twist and torture your life ever after!

(M.A. Waheed is a freelance journalist based in Upstate NY and can be reached at waheed 48@yahoo.com)

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