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June 11, 2018 , Easow Sam Oommen

sam oommenAt the outset let me give appreciation and thanks to the father of FOMAA, Mr. Sasidharan Nair and take you to a brief journey back to the last twelve years of the history of Federation of the Pravasee Malayalee in Americas.

In the summer of 2006 the venue for the FOKANA convention was Orlando Florida. We have witnessed the largest crowd of Keralites from all over Americas at the Convention. It was the result of an unrelenting and untiring hard work of the FOKANA Presidential Candidate of 2006 Mr. Sasidharan Nair. From the year 2004 Mr. Nair travelled East to West and North to South of Americas meeting with every member Association and delegates to change the federation to a people organization and take it away from a clutches of few people who held it at their will. The Pravasees responded to the call favorably, assembled in Orlando and the ensuing election gave a sweeping victory to Mr. Sasidharan Nair and his team. Thereafter, the Pravasee Malayalee witnessed the worst of their federation activities and court cases where untruth and falsehood prevailed. Pravasee Malayalee was hurt deep down; but their pride and will power prevailed. From nothing and nowhere; the Pravasee Malayalee was forced into a new Federation. The Federation of Malayalee Association of Americas (FOMAA) has come into existence in the summer of 2008. There is plenty to write about the history of Pravassee Malayalee as Federation and will attempt at a later time.

We salute the people who have volunteered and supported the cause of the Pravassee Malayalee at the difficult days of the years of 2006 to 2008. Few among them have later becomePresidentsofFOMAA suchasMr.JohnTitus,Mr.BabyJohnUralil, Mr.GeorgeMathew and Mr. Anandan Niravel.

We remember with gratitude Mr. Sasidharan Nair, Mr. Aniyan George and their team who managed the first convention of FOMAA at Houston in 2008. The Las Vegas Convention in 2010 has brought a great momentum and drive for FOMAA at the Presidency of Mr. John Titus and the financial support liberally extended by him.

The Pravasee Malayalee has seriously looked and identified, who willfully tried to deny and grab the title of Founder President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively of Mr. Sasidharan Nair, Mr. Aniyan George and Mr. M. G. Mathew. We have resisted it.

The Journey of the Federation – FOMAA – continued in greater vigor and we have completed a decade of growth, progress and prosperity.

Destination is not Dallas or New York: It is Dallas! My purpose of this articles is to underline the destination as Dallas. We have many reasons to illustrate and support Dallas:-

1) The vision of the FOMAA founders from the inception is to reach FOMAA to every State of North America, and nook and corner. We need to support that vision and take FOMAA to Dallas where we have the third largest Malayalee population of Americas. Considering Houston is in close proximity as immediate sister Metropolitan City; the Malayalee population will definitely out-number any other Metropolis.

2) A divided home and home of conflict is disaster in itself and the community of FOMAA. Thatis present state of New York. Could they repair the damage and extend the healing touch among themselves? Dallas is homogeneous, harmonious, and with a purpose and goal; and the people are supportive to the cause of FOMAA.

3) FOMAA founders has a vision of moving ahead the federation without blemishes and self-inflicting wounds. Of late falsification, crass manipulation, member associations for the sake of elections and untruthful methods has become a reality. The justifications put forwarded often is, “the By-Law does not state it”; hence, we are free to do at our will. Questionable candidacy even for Executive position is a dark blot for FOMAA. We often forget that we are a people to uphold truth and justice and create good precedence. It is important to identify who, where and when these trends started in FOMAA? It is time to uproot all that which damages the Federation. We must see that; those who do not indulge in such corrupt methods do not end as losers.

4) FOMMA is a Federation of all Keralites and Malayalee origin of Americas. FOMAA is above politics, religion, denomination, caste and creed. But we are pained that, that which should not influence and play a dirty game in FOMAA is inflicting a division among members and some people are taking advantage of such dirty politics. This is the time we eliminate and discourage such tendencies and work towards the better growth as Keralites and strengthening of the Federation.

5) FOMAA must attract more Keralites and younger generation of Malayalee origin. The conventions we organize must be affordable. We must find various such States of Americas for the Convention. Dallas will definitely be an ideal State for this purpose.

FOMAA is an organization which was born through fire. Even before the idea of FOMAA consummated, it was dragged through court cases and legalactions.Andsuch non-sense could not deplete our determination and drive. FOMAA friends, if you are real lover of FOMAA, please do not attempt to scare this federation with threats and legal actions as the Federation is strong, well equipped to face such threats and is much above individuals and their selfish motives.

I earnestly appeal and request all the FOMAA founders, Friends, lovers and delegates to support Mr. Philip Chamathil and the claim of Dallas as next destination of FOMAA and Convention.

Easow Sam Oommen, June 12, 2018, Los Angeles, Western Region of FOMAA

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