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There’s a new Kama Sutra for millennials… and it focuses on female pleasure

June 12, 2018

dc-Cover-90vlestvn7vmt9ttaom06k8r95-20180315112453.MediFor the first time ever, a new Kama Sutra book has been published and it is very different to the previous versions.

For the first time ever in its 2,000-year history, the famed sex-guide has been illustrated by a woman, Los Angeles artist Victo Ngai, who has previously designed book jackets including Neil Gamain’s Norse Mythology, illustrated the book.

According to Ngai, she wanted it to appeal more to women – and specifically young women.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said, “Instead of creating illustrations which are overtly sexual, I tried to walk the fine line of creating something that’s tantalising, yet thoughtful and elegant at the same time…”

She further added, “I didn’t think about it while working on the book, but examining the pieces now in hindsight, I believe I did subconsciously work from a female-centric perspective.”

She continues that many of the scenes are composed in a way that situates the viewers in the women’s point of view, while the writing often reflects the patriarchal attitude of its time.

Each book includes 25 black and white images featuring of the sexual positions as well as a signed artist’s print of a couple locked in the Embrace of Thighs.

The Kama Sutra was originally intended to educate men about about sexual techniques and positions. It’s the main Sanskrit work on human sexuality and its drawings were always seen from the male perspective.

But it also included advice on things such as taking a courtesan and maintaining a happy home.

It was first translated into English in 1883.

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