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An Appeal to the Malaysian Government; “why discrimination of men to men”

June 14, 2018 , .


We are under privileged foreigners. Leaving our own families and going to work for your country. we are ahead of you for the economic side of your county and my country also and then my family are waiting to us to send money to buy food or if any family have oldest persons then extra Medicare costs will risen.We faces like all critical situation like any closed person no more with us (Died) our hurt crying a lot but nobody seen our teras of eyes, but continue work. In duty time we do smiling and seen our punctuality But we are not getting any advantage. like some of people’s I didn’t say about all person like some peoples of your country they think foreign workers are not a men we didn’t have any pain, we don’t have blood also, if cut also any part of us didn’t get out red colour blood, think  we like a machine.

Me are Muslim than Tomorrow “Eid ul fitr ” this one is our highest priority of all festivals. this one also we didn’t think cause some one are seeing to us to send money, in this joyful day we doing our duty. All will be happy with their family but we must have to doing work our own workplace.

Now come the burning question of my this letter.

Everyone accept they will get bonuses, Salary and Holidays also for the purpose of  Eidul-fitri. I think in this country lot of persons got bonus, salary and holidays also to doing celebration with family.

When I writing this passage my eyes losing lot of tears, cause this one sharing like a shame of this Malaysia, as is announcement Malaysia is a Muslim country,  but no way remove it without focusing it. Because i believe, in my little bit steps it will helping us to forbidden this, Allah will helping also to reach my masses to seen him,

if any responsible person know this and in his hurt rising some sorrows to us than one step is enough to solve this. I believe one responsible person who will carry this responsibility to get lost it.

we are not getting any bonus and Public holidays also if asking about it why like this than forced us, if anyone do one day absent in thus public holidays one day equal three days salary cut than we asked if we do our duty continue thus days what we can get extra payment than refused also.

Than we also working with Malaysian local Muslim peoples, unfortunately they all got bonus, Advanced Salary and Eid vacation also.All local peoples get 28 days in year annual leave but we didn’t get if emergency we want leave than one day before have to inform Manager than also got UNPAID leave, they informed us company rules is for all foreigners didn’t allowed  for ANNUAL leave.

My question we also paid all Government tax, Insurance to doing our Permit renewed. Then why we everytime got this, faceing this bull shit discrimination of men to men.


As a human or as a respects of religious, It is our question to authority that can’t we get the advantage of being foreigner? we miss the eid prayers, leave our family leave our joy, we work at your country by missing all the joy but we didn’t get any Eid bonuses or extra payment, Holidays also. PLEASE think of yourself to us as a humanity.

We appeal to foreigners to your authority to consider this as a human that we deprived at  any advantage.

Underprivileged foreigners

(Name of the writer being withheld to protect the privacy)

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