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Sugar-Free Recipes – Mint croquettes

October 27, 2018

e2a3a307-d092-452f-a64b-c635c5e1157fThese wonderful croquettes are rich in calcium, iron, and protein, and are great as an appetizer or a snack during the day. They are really easy and quick to make as well, making them a no-fuss healthy dish.

Time: 15 minutes


• ¼ cup mint leaves, finely chopped
• ¼ cup red lentils, soaked overnight
• 2 cups water
• 2 tsp. yogurt, low-calorie
• 2 tbsp. bread crumbs, whole wheat
• Salt, to taste
• 1 tsp. oil


1. Strain the red lentils well. Then place a pressure cooker over a medium-high flame, add the lentils and 2 cups of water, and cook until two whistles are heard or until the lentils soften slightly. Finally, strain the lentils again.

2. Place the lentils in a large bowl with all the other ingredients, and mix well.

3. Prepare six equal sized croquettes from the mixture.

4. Place a frying pan over a low heat with oil, and fry the croquettes until golden brown on both sides.

5. Place the croquettes on a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb the oil, plate and serve.

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