A Life giving Love story of two Indian American young Ladies

banner sizeThis is the story of Rekha Nair and Deepthy Nair. Rekha Nair was born and brought in USA. Deepthy Nair was born and brought up in North India and now living in New Jersey. Both of them are very talented and very active in various socio- cultural and religious organizations.

They met each other at different occasions in New York and New Jersey regions. Once during an event Rekha noticed a shadow of sorrow in Deepthy’s face. And she asked her “what is going on?” Deepthy replied, “ I am going through some hard time. Both of my kidneys are not functioning well. If I won’t a get a match soon, I have to leave this world very soon”. But Rekha consoled her by saying, If my kidney matches you; I am willing to donate one of my kidneys to you. Please let me know.” Deepthy looked at Rekha’s face with wonder and respect.

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Anyway, time flew fast and Rekha did not hear anything from Deepthy again for some time. One day she decided to call Deepthy and asked about her present condition. With a sad tone Deepthy said, “So far we could not find any match. So we are still trying for it.” Rekha said, “Ok. Then let us go to the doctor and see whether my kidney is ok for you or not“. Thank God. Rekha ‘s kidney is the perfect match for Deephty. Now the surgery is done and both of them are regaining health. They have to take care of them with much care for some time. But they became the true heroines of the Kerala community living in USA.

It is not news in American mainstream because of the innumerable number of organ donation is happening here. But it is still big news in our community here. Rekha’s parents are originally from the state of Kerala in India. They speak the language ‘Malayalam’. Deepthy’s parents are also originally from Kerala and they also speak Malayalam. I think that is common bond between Rekha and Deepthy. They also follow the Hindu religion. Other than that there is no other connections between them. They are not close friends at all. They met at different events. That is all. I think now they are closer than ever before. That is the way it should be It is not human love. It is indeed the Divine Love. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”.

Rekha Nair and Nishant Nair
Rekha Nair and Nishant Nair

Rekha’s parents were little upset when they heard about Rekha’s plan to donate her kidney. But they could not say no to the strong mind of Rekha. If she says some thing she mean it and if she mean it she will do it to the extent of making it real. Her husband Nishant also did not oppose Rekha. He also had confusion and fear. But still he did not say ‘no’ to Her decision. Rekha also got inspiration and support from her sister in law Dr. Nisha Pillai. Nisha Pillai is the Director of Cardiac Services, Northwell/ Rego Park & Faculty in Cardiovascular diseases at Northshore-

When I analyze this incident I know how brave is Rekha Nair. I remember about my last trip to Motor Vehicle. There is an option for us to fill out when we apply or for a new license or renew the driver’s license. The question is – Do you want to donate your organs after death. I read it carefully and my answer was ‘No’. Think about it. They are asking to do it after my death only. But still I refused to say yes. Even now I am sacred about saying yes to it.

Rekha Nair, Deepthy Nair and Bindiya Sabari

But I am trying make up my mind and say yes when I go there next time. So I can understand how brave Rekha Nair is. That is why I am writing this small article. I want our new generation living here to read her story. Though their parents speak Malayalam this young kids can’t understand our language. That is the main reason why I am writing it. Though my English is Indian English I am sure you will understand it. I am sure the mainstream people also will understand what I am trying to tell. Please do spread it around and try to get some inspiration for this true story. Think about organ donation and spread that good news around.

I asked her what motivated Rekha to do this great humanitarian action. Rekha said,’ To me it is injustice. Deepthy is a very good person. She is very talented and a caring person. She should not go this early. It is not her fault to become sick like this. So I decided to do something. Deephty could not believe it at first hand that is why She did not call for help. I also noticed her will power. Though she was very sick she did not tell others about it. She is a real fighter. With that sickness she determined to lead an active life. It really inspired me. Now I am happy that my sacrifice was meant for another great soul in this world”. As a writer I also have a sense of accomplishment. I got the privilege to write about two great souls living in our neighborhood. Yes. They are truly two great souls (two great Mahatma’s _ Great Souls). At this time I remember Mr. Siby Thomas, a Former Loyalties now residing in UK. Few years ago he also donated one of his kidneys to another malayalee living in UK. He was a senior student of mine in Loyola College of Social Sciences in Trivandrum

Rekha Nair is willing to come to your events and speak about the importance of Organ Donation. Please spread this news around and try to get her some good recognition. If you want to know more about Rekha Nair and Deepthy Nair and want to invite them to your humanitarian events please send an email to this writer. I will be glad to forward it to them.

Once again I want to give my email id here: josepintostephen@gmail.com 


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