Rakhi Sawant hits back at Tanushree Dutta over Rs100 mn defamation claim

463879_33346660MUMBAI – The item girl Rakhi Sawant has boldly reacted to defamation claim of Rs. 10 crore by Tanushree Dutta which she filed against Rakhi’s controversial statement regarding sexual harassment allegations on Nana Patekar.

The #MeToo movement has been exclusively taking harassment stories by storm from Bollywood which started with the revelation by Tanushree Dutta, who accused Actor Nana Patekar of sexually abusing her on sets of “Horn Ok Please” movie.

Rakhi Sawant commented on this harassment story by stating that Tanushree was drugged that day on the sets and that she is doing all this to merely gain fame.

Tanushree, while filing Rs. 10 crore defamation suit against Rakhi also asked for video apology for all those controversial statements which she has given in terms of her revelation regarding her harassment incidents.

Rakhi Sawant released a series of videos, however, it had nothing like an apologetic note. She said that Tanushree had claimed Rs. 10 crore for defamation so I will file her with Rs. 50 crore for calling me a lower class girl.

She added that the #MeToo movement is not going in the right direction as various girls are accusing innocent males of harassment even if they had not been actually harassed by them.

Rakhi said that I feel sorry for all those girls who are real victims of sexual abuse and expressed concern that females will not be appropriately heard now on because of the girls who are lying.

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