‘With DeepVeer in the mix, you can always expect the unexpected’

468954_12197905Deepika Pudokone reveals what makes their relationship work and keeps a fiery couple like the duo together and coming back for more.

Ranveer’s laissez-faire approach and relentless support, an understanding of their professional needs despite the cultural and traditional pressures is what makes their bond so special.

A progressive woman like herself needs her space to grow. Every woman has her own uniqueness’ distinctiveness that separates her from others. It’s very important to maintain that peculiarity “The idea is not to lose yourself in the process [of marriage].” She adds bluntly.

What makes Ranbir so special is that he doesn’t keep his emotions bottled up “I can be silly in front of him, I can be stupid in front of him, I can be sick in front of him, I can be whatever I want to be and this is the key.

Starry-eyed still in awe of the magical Lake Como wedding says Ranveer is everything that she ever wanted in a man. On one hand he is sensitive, sociable, and cordial. Though demonstrative and gregarious yet there is a quiet side to him. “He’s my best friend, playmate, companion and confidant” she adds.

Reminiscing her bachelorette party, “The bachelors crashed my bachelorette! Eventually, it became one big party with all our friends. We were in Orlando for a week and the aim was to get on the scariest roller coasters, to feel that rush of adrenaline, like you’re flying. We went on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit [at Universal Studios], which Ellen DeGeneres posted about a while back. And the VR Avatar rides [at Disney’s Animal Kingdom], for which we had to stand in line for two-and-a-half to three hours, were phenomenal.”

As for what she expects from marriage Running a home won’t be too difficult as “I’ve been running a home since I was 18, so I don’t think much is going to change in that sense. But of course, we’ll go through all the changes that happen when two people start living together. I was clear right from the start that I didn’t want to have a live-in relationship to figure out if I wanted to marry someone or not. Now [I’m expecting] everything that comes with being a newly-wed: sharing space, you know, or the bills, whatever it takes for two people to live a life together.

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