Dog with pro-BJP stickers on body detained for violating model code of conduct

dogMUMBAI (AFP): A dog was detained by police in Maharashtra for roaming around with pro-BJP stickers stuck to its body on election day. According to reports, the dog and its owner Eknath Motiram Chaudhary was seen near Andhare hospital in Nandurbar town on Monday afternoon. The body of the dog was covered with stickers of BJP’s symbol and the slogan “Modi Lao, Desh Bachao” (vote for Modi, save the country). It was spotted parading slogans supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi outside polling stations – but ‘let off with a warning’, authorities said Tuesday.

“We detained the dog and its owner as it was a polling day and they were walking around promoting Modi and violating election campaigning rules,” police official Ganpat Phil told AFP.

Campaigning is banned on voting days in areas that are casting ballots.

A complaint was filed under India’s penal code against owner Eknath Chaudhary for the sticker and placards stating “Modi Lao, Desh Bachchao” (“Bring Modi back, save the country”), Phil said.

The dog and the owner were released in the town of Nandurbar on Monday evening and “let off with a warning,” the official added.

Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party are favourites to retain power following the election, results of which are due May 23.–AFP


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