Husband of BJP MLA’s Daughter ‘Assaulted’ in Allahabad HC After Court Says Their Marriage Valid

MLA-daughter-abductedAllahabad: In the latest turn of events Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA’s daughter Sakshi Misra, who had alleged threat from father, and her husband Ajitesh Kumar surfaced at Allahabad high court after abduction rumours on Monday morning. Ajitesh was allegedly attacked by unidentified men on court premises.

The Allahabad high court directed police protection to Sakshi (23), daughter of Rajesh Misra MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly, and Ajitesh (29) . They have been on the run since Sakshi declared her marriage to Ajitesh last week.

Earlier, eyewitnesses claimed the couple was abducted at gunpoint by armed men from outside the Allahabad High Court, where they had gone to seek protection.

Sakshi had alleged that her life was in danger from her father

Sakshi Misra, 23, who is the daughter of Rajesh Misra, the MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly district, had alleged that her life was in danger from her father after she married a Dalit man and asked the police for security.

She had uploaded a video on social media on Wednesday and informed about her wedding to Ajitesh Kumar, 29, last Thursday, police said.

In another video, she has apprehended threat to her life from her father, brother and an associate, and urged the Bareilly senior superintendent of police to extend security to them.

Sakshi Misra has also appealed to the MPs and MLAs of Bareilly to not help Rajesh Misra as she alleged that her father and others were out to eliminate her.

In the video, Sakshi Misra has also told her father to let her live her life. The woman warned that if anything happens to her or her husband, she would do something that would put him behind bars.

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