Corona: 60 patients confirmed in India, visas from foreigners canceled

corena-10New Delhi : : The Corona virus which is creating a furore in the whole world has now become an epidemic. Starting from China, the disease has caught half the world, in view of which the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared corona as an epidemic. At the same time, for India, the corona is no less than a tension. The Government of India is now fully geared up to deal with this disease.

India has suspended the visa of people coming from abroad till April 15 in view of Corona virus. This ban will give exemption to diplomats, officers, employees of United Nations and international organizations. This ban will come into force from 13 March 2020. Regular and e-visas of citizens of France, Germany and Spain are banned.

Government issued guidelines

Earlier, similar restrictions were imposed on China, South Korea, Japan, Italy. Indian citizens have been advised not to take unnecessary foreign trips. If they travel back from anywhere, then they can be kept away from people for at least 14 days. Those Indian or foreign travelers who stayed in China, Italy, Iran, Korea, France, Spain and Germany till 15 February, will be kept under separate medical supervision for at least 14 days upon arrival in India.

Figure reached 60 in India

The number of corona patients in India is constantly increasing. The Ministry of Health is also on alert mode on the corona virus. Several rounds of meetings are being held continuously in the Ministry of Health. Corona positive cases in the country have risen to 60. Despite all efforts, the number of corona victims has increased.

This is state-wise data

5 in Maharashtra, 14 in Kerala, Karnataka 4, Tamil Nadu 1, Rajasthan 3, Telangana-1, Jammu and Kashmir-1, Ladakh-2, 7 in Delhi, 14 in Haryana, while 7 people in Uttar Pradesh are confirmed corona has gone.

Ship’s entry closed

The passengers coming to every airport in the country are being monitored. Apart from this, the government has banned the entry of international ships arriving at ports. These rules will apply to ships that stopped after the 1st of February at the port of Corona-affected countries.

Advice to devotees not to come to Sabarimala

At the same time, the state governments are also cautious. Srinagar and Ladakh have closed all their schools and colleges. Other states are taking similar steps. Theaters in Kerala have been closed till 31 March. Some of its areas have been sanitized. The devotees have been advised not to come to the Sabarimala temple for the time being.

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