Modi government has taken a big decision, you are safe from Corona

000_1po4u7.1c7f6190703.originalNew Delhi: The Narendra Modi government (Narendra Modi) has taken an important decision to deal with the fast spreading coronavirus. Ministry of Health and Aviation has issued several notifications one after the other. After its implementation, India will isolate itself from the whole world for the next one month. The objective is to control the virus spreading from man to man contact. Shortly after the decision of the Government of India, the World Health Organization declared the corona virus (Covid-19) an epidemic.

The Indian government has suspended the visas of people coming from any country of the world till 15 April. This ban will not be applicable to the United Nations employees, diplomatic affairs and important officials related to government projects. Apart from this, no one else can enter the country. The facility available to Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) card holders has also been withdrawn by April 15. After this decision is implemented, it will be difficult to come to India for tourism or ordinary official work. If there is an emergency, then special permission will have to be obtained from the Indian Mission.

On Wednesday evening, Health Minister Harshvardhan (Dr Harshvardhan) reviewed the status of Covid-19. It raised concerns about corona cases in India and the rest of the world. Now this virus has spread to more than 100 countries. In India too, the number of infected people has crossed 50. Therefore, taking a big decision in the meeting, it was decided that India will isolate itself from the world to save a large population. All the decisions of the government will come into effect from midnight of 13 March. On Wednesday, ten new cases of corona virus were reported in India. With this, the number of infected people increased to 60.

Of the six new cases, four have been found in Bangalore and one in Pune. They all returned to India after traveling to America or Dubai. 1,400 people who come in contact with infected people have been placed in the isolation ward. In Bhutan, 404 people exposed to Covid-19 infected Americans have been isolated in Assam. Realizing the urgency of the occasion, the Group of Ministers met twice on Wednesday. It was decided that the most effective solution is to prevent contact with outsiders. The government’s decision will have a huge impact on tourism and air travel, which are already suffering.

Air India said on Wednesday night that it was temporarily closing flights to Rome, Milan and Seoul. An airline official said that services to Rome (Italy) will be closed from March 15 to 25. Flights to Milan (Italy) and the capital of South Korea will be suspended from 14 to 28 March. At the same time, travelers coming to India from China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain and Germany, or traveling to these countries after February 15, will be kept isolated for at least 14 days.

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