Why salads are good for you ?

vejBeneficial food is very good for health. We all know this thing. So salads ranging from fruits to vegetables and sprouts are eaten here in our country. While some people or say that most people who are fond of salad, they are not able to give full nutrition to their body. Because they should not only eat salad the right way to eat
salad always before meals. While about 90 percent of people consume salad with food. Due to this, their body does not get full benefit of salad. Rather, sometimes there are problems related to digression.

When you are hungry or whatever you have set your lunch and dinner time, eat the salad at least half an hour before. After this, have lunch or dinner. This will provide complete nutrition to your body and also get rid of over eating.


Weight remains Control
Salad If eaten properly, it helps to keep weight under control. It keeps our digestive system correct and helps in clearing the stomach. This prevents extra fat from accumulating in the body and also protects us from over eating. Which keeps our weight under control.

Salad Methods Salads are
usually made in two ways. The first way is raw salad, in which you chop and mix fruits and vegetables and sprinkle spices and prepare the salad. While the other way is to prepare the salad by voicing. In this, the salad is prepared by boiling the vegetables and separating their water. But you can eat any salad, you do not have to eat it with full meal.

Why not eat salad with food?
Whatever the salad is made. If it is prepared from fruits or vegetables, they are usually cold in nature (we are not talking about any particular recipe here. Because all kinds of food cannot be dissected or compressed together) while cooked The food is hot. In such a situation, confluence of cold hot causes harm not only to the body but also to the teeth.

More time in digestion
lettuce is colder in temperature and food is warmer in temperature. When raw and cooked food is eaten together, it puts more pressure on our digestive system. Because we need extra energy to digest it. Also, it takes more time to digest such food, which sometimes messes up the digestive system.

Source: HealthWatch

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