Shah on Delhi riots, will seize property of those who set fire

1-27New Delhi: In the Lok Sabha discussion on Delhi riots on Wednesday, Home Minister Amit Shah answered each question of the opposition. He bluntly said that the culprits, irrespective of community or party, would not be spared. The Congress walked out during Shah’s speech. The Home Minister also referred to provocative statements by opposition leaders, calling the Delhi riots a well-planned conspiracy. He referred to Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s statement at the Ramlila Maidan rally ‘get out on the road, fight across the road’, while criticizing Waris Pathan’s inflammatory speech like ‘100 crores heavy on 100 crores’.

Will seize assets of those who burn property: Shah
Home Minister Amit Shah also patted the Delhi Police for not allowing the riots to spread to other parts of Delhi and to control the situation within 36 hours. He dismissed the allegations of opposition leaders like Asaduddin Owaisi that the Delhi Police had taken action against a particular community. The Home Minister criticized the opposition parties over Hindu-Muslims being among the riot victims, saying the casualties were Indians. Amit Shah also said that those who damaged properties during the riots are being identified and the assets of those responsible for this will be confiscated. He said that the culprits would be punished in such a way that the precedent would be established.

Patted back on delhi police
Shah said, ‘What was the Delhi Police doing, this question is being asked. The opposition has the right to criticize the government, but when it comes to riots, when the police is trying to control the violence, then the reality should be understood. The population of Delhi is 1.7 crore. The population of where the riot occurred is 20 lakhs. I would also like to congratulate the Delhi Police for not allowing the riots happening between 2 million people to spread to other parts of Delhi. Riots were confined to 4 percent of Delhi’s area and 13 percent of the population.

‘Police overcame riots in 36 hours’
The first responsibility of Delhi Police was to stop the violence. The first notice was received around 2 pm on 24 February 2020 and the last notice at 11 pm on 25 February. The riots lasted for at least 36 hours. I am not appreciating, just keeping the other side. Have to accept this. Delhi Police managed to control the situation within 36 hours.

‘Did not attend Trump’s events in Delhi’
Saugata Roy and other members also raised questions about me. Raise the question but there is no right to tamper with the facts. It was said that I was sitting on Trump’s program. That program was happening in my area, I went there but then there was peace. I came to Delhi by 6 pm. After that on the second day Trump was received at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, had lunch, had dinner but I did not go. The whole time I sat with the Delhi Police and was working on controlling the riots.

Review meeting at 7 pm on the evening of 24, 25 at 8 am and 25 pm at 6 pm. When there are riots, they do not see what responsibility they have. I told Ajit Doval that you should go and increase the morale of the police. I did not go because the police would look after me when they were needed in the field.

‘Riots in Delhi’s most dense and mixed populated area’
How the riots spread so quickly, more than 50 people died …. We have to understand the geographical location of Northeast Delhi. It has an area of 61 square kilometers, is the most densely populated area of the country. There are narrow streets. Delhi has the largest mixed population in the North East. Criminal elements have also been active there for a long time. The border of UP is also adjacent.

On the charge of not sending CRPF, he said – CAPF was removed only on 23
The CRPF should have been sent, it said. Some people said that military should be brought. On 22 February, 17 companies of Delhi Police and 13 companies of CAPF were deployed. On the 24th, 40 additional, 15 more 50 companies were sent. Since 28th, 80 companies have been stationed there continuously.

‘More than 700 FIRs, 2,647 arrested or detained’
Some members asked whether the FIR was done or not? From the 27th till date, more than 700 FIRs have been registered, both on the people of the community. A total of 2,647 people have been detained or arrested. CCTV Fujit is being analyzed. The media and the general public have also been appealed to send any footage they have to the Delhi Police. From Murder of Ankit Sharma, the curtain will arise from the same video, which is sent by a common citizen.

Identifying rioters with face identity software
We are doing analysis through Face Identity Software. It does not see religion. More than 1100 people have been identified. More than 300 people came from UP to riot Delhi. This suggests that it was a deep conspiracy. First thing was done to seal the border of UP at 10 o’clock on the night of 24 February.

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