Rocket attack in Iraq, 3 killed, including US and British soldiers, many injured

img935755Baghdad : A US rocket attack on Iraq’s military base killed two American soldiers and a British. US officials gave this information. They said rockets were fired at the Tajia base north of Baghdad.

According to ABC News, US military spokesman Miles Cagins reported in Iraq that 15 rockets were fired at Iraq’s fresh base camp. However he did not give much information about this. At the same time, another US official said that 30 rockets were fired from the truck launcher, 18 of which were on the base.

The officials, however, did not provide any information about which group carried out the rocket attack. According to another report, the attackers fired 15 Katyusha rockets, injuring more than a dozen.

An American official confirmed that one of the slain Americans was a soldier and the other was a contractor. He also said that the death toll could increase.

Sources said that IS did not have the capability to carry out such an attack. Along with this, there was also apprehension that Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) may be behind this attack. (Input from agency)

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