Corona may cause further destruction in Mumbai, IIT Bombay’s shocking report

Mumbai: The only question in the mind of every common citizen is that Mumbai is already most vulnerable to the corona virus epidemic. In the city of dreams, Mumbai has already been infected with the most corona virus. But in the meantime another bad news is coming. A recent report by IIT Bombay has stated that the coming monsoon will increase the cases of corona virus in Mumbai.

And the infection in Mumbai will spread
According to a study by IIT Bombay, during the monsoon, the infection with the corona virus may intensify. The study claims that due to the increase in humidity, the corona virus in the environment can remain alive for longer. This study has been done by two IIT Bombay professors who believe that cough or sneeze droplets take less time to dry due to high temperature and low humidity. But during the monsoon, there will be moisture and it will take more time for people’s cough to dry up. Due to this, there is a possibility of infection and spread. This research has been published in an American journal.

Cases of other countries were also included for
Aaccording to this latest research, the least time to dry the droplets took place in Singapore and the maximum time was spent in New York. This is why New York is one of the cities most affected by the corona infection in the world.

Mumbai left Wuhan behind in case of corona infection
According to the latest figures, Wuhan has left  Mumbai behind in case of corona infection. So far, 50,340 cases of corona infection have been reported in Wuhan. While in Mumbai, 51,100 people have been infected with Corona. Such conditions of corona infection are not only in Mumbai but also in Maharashtra, corona infection has reached a very dangerous level.

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