Now locusts created terror in this country, PM Modi helped Iran in this time of crisis

New Delhi:   Locusts Crisis is also present in many countries of the world along with Coronavirus . Meanwhile, India has sent help to Iran to get out of the locust crisis. According to the information, India has sent 20,000 liters of Malathion 96% ULV pesticide to Iran to help in tackling the locust crisis. A 40-foot container carrying a pesticide consignment will reach Chabahar port next week.

Sources at the Indian embassy in Tehran told our affiliate channel WION that the Indian Mission had been in contact with the Plant Protection Organization (PPO) under Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture. 

Iran has warmly welcomed this offer of assistance from India. According to the information, there is a locust terror in Iran every year. This year, locusts are feared to have infiltrated nearly 1 million hectares of land in 10 provinces of Iran.

The southeast provinces of Sistan and Balochistan, Pakistan’s border and the southern Hormozgan province of the West Asian region may be the most affected by locusts. Let us tell you that Iran does not produce this type of pesticide and it is dependent on imports from India and China.

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