LAC: External Affairs Ministry said on India-China clash – both countries suffered losses

The Foreign Ministry has given a statement on the violent clash between the Indian and Chinese military over the LAC. The Ministry of External Affairs has said that India has always respected LAC and China should also do so. The ministry said that what happened yesterday at the LAC could have been avoided. Both countries have suffered.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that talks are going on at the military and diplomatic level to resolve the border dispute. On June 6, there was a good meeting of senior commanders. After this there were several meetings between the ground commanders.

‘Could have avoided what happened at LAC’
The Foreign Ministry said that we hoped that everything would go well. The Chinese side went backward in the Galvan Valley honoring the LAC, but a violent clash ensued on 15 June when China unilaterally tried to change the situation. People of both sides died in this, it could have been avoided.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava further said that India has a responsible attitude towards border management. India does all the work in LAC within its limits. We also expect such from China. The statement said that India wants to resolve differences through peace and dialogue in the border areas.

What is the whole matter

Let us know that tension has been going on in the relationship between India and China for more than a month. Since the beginning of May, the LAC with the LAC in Ladakh have been face to face. This tension increased on 15 June. On Monday night, there was a violent clash between the armies of the two countries. In this skirmish, one Indian Army officer and two soldiers were martyred. This incident happened when the situation of normalcy was moving forward after talks between the two countries near Galvan Valley on Monday night.

What did china say

The official statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry came out after this incident. Beijing on the contrary accused India of infiltrating. According to the international news agency AFP, Beijing alleges that Indian soldiers crossed the border and attacked Chinese soldiers. It was said by the Chinese Foreign Ministry that India should not act unilaterally in such a situation.

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