Ishant Sharma was irritated by his wife being a cricketer, know what was the reason

New Delhi: Whenever the Indian cricket team player Ishant Sharma lands on the field, the batsmen of the front team release sixes. His bowling on the cricket field is as aggressive, in real life, he is as calm and shy, that is why he does not like to talk about his personal life much. Although in every interview he has talked mostly about his game, but recently talking to the media, Ishant Sharma made many revelations about his personal life. Ishant told in the interview how his wife Pratima Singh used to get irritated about being his cricketer.

You all know that Ishant Sharma, Team India’s fast bowler, married Basketball player Pratima in the year 2016. The love story of the two is also quite interesting, although it is often seen that most of the cricketers marry a model or an actress, but this player of Team India has a heart on a player whose name is Statue. Actually many years ago, a friend of Ishant Sharma organized a basketball tournament. In that tournament, Ishant Sharma arrived as the Chief Guest, where the statue arrived with 3 more sisters. Ishant had seen the statue for the first time here and upon seeing it, he fell in love with the statue at first sight. Ishant liked the statue so much that he reached that tournament every day. Ishant’s presence every day in the tournament raised many questions and his friend got a clue that the matter was different.

At first sight, the idol made its home in Ishant’s heart and Ishant also decided to make the idol of his own mind, after which Ishant extended the hand of friendship in front of the statue. After friendship, both met. After a year of getting to know each other well, Ishant proposed the idol, after which the idol too did not delay in saying yes because the idol also loved Ishant. Then both of them dated each other for 5 years. After which both of them decided to get married and on 9 December 2016, they were tied forever in the sacred bond of marriage.

Ishant Sharma had said in one of his interviews about his wife Pratima that she used to get irritated over being his cricketer as he felt that it was not a job. But later Ishant explained to him that my career is in cricket, after which everything went well gradually. Today, Ishant and Pratima are leading a happy family life.

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