16 people, including groom, turned out to be Corona positive at the wedding ceremony, fined Rs 6 lakh

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Jaipur:  During the corona virus epidemic in Bhilwara, Rajasthan , many people got involved in a marriage. So far 16 people involved in this marriage have been confirmed to be infected, of which one has died while 58 are in isolation.

The district administration has not only registered a case against the family but has also asked to pay a fine of more than six lakh rupees in three days.

In fact, in the Bhadada locality of the city, Gisulal Rathi’s son Rizul was married on 13 June. When the family took approval from the administration, they were allowed on the condition of calling more than 50 people, but more than the number of people attended the wedding.

The biggest problem started when 16 people, including the groom, were later found infected with the corona virus. One of these infected has died.

It is noteworthy that the ‘Bhilwara model’ was discussed all over the country for effective control over corona virus infection. Taking a tough stand, the district administration has registered a case against the family under Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act and related sections of the Indian Penal Code for endangering the lives of common people.

According to the order issued by the District Magistrate Rajendra Bhatt, more than 50 people were invited to the wedding and the rules of prevention of corona virus infection (social distance, wearing masks) were also not followed during the wedding program.

The first case of infection among the people involved in this marriage came out on June 19, while 16 people have been confirmed infected so far, one of whom has also died. There is a possibility of more people getting infected.

According to the order, 15 people involved in this marriage are admitted in the infected hospital, while 58 people are still in isolation. In this case, the state government has incurred a revenue loss of about Rs 6,26,000 in the head of the segregation ward, segregation center facility, food, investigation, transport and ambulance etc. The Tehsildar has been asked to collect this amount in three days and submit it to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

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