“My color was discussed more than my acting”: Bipasha Basu

Since the death of George Floyd in the US, Black Lives Matter is being supported all over the world. Meanwhile, disputes are continuing in India too over the product of beauty cream. There were many celebs who were also victims of trolls when they were part of the beauty brand. After the controversy escalated, now the Hindustan Unilever Company has decided to remove the word Fair under the name of Popular Cream Fair and Lovely. As soon as this news came in front, Bipasha Basu too shared her objection on being dark colored.

Listen taunts since childhood

Bipasha recently shared the news with her Instagram account, writing, ‘When I was growing up, I often heard that Boney is blacker than Sony. She is a little darker, isn’t she? While my mother was also Dusky Beauty and I looked very much like her. I never got to know why my relatives used to discuss this’.

Dark color associated with name

Started modeling when I was 15,16 years old. I won the Supermodel Contest. There was news in every newspaper that the dark girl of Kolkata became the winner. I then wondered why the first analysis of my name is dark. Then I went to New York and Paris to do modeling and I realized that I get more work and attention here for my skin color. This was my separate discovery.

Discussion of solitude more than my work

When I came back, I started getting offers from the film. Finally I did my first film, I was completely stranger to the industry. Suddenly I was adopted and liked. But analysis remained connected. The dusky girl impressed the audience with her debut film. In most of my articles, I discussed more than my work. I did not understand it. I think sexy is a personality and not a color. Why I was considered different from the rest of the actress due to my conscience. I do not understand much difference but people make.

I never stop

Here is a mindset of beauty and how an actress should look and behave. But I was different. It never stopped me from doing what I love. I was the confidant that I am since childhood. My skin color does not define me. I like it and I don’t want to change it.

Many beauty products turned down offers

In the last 18 years, all the big budget skin care endorsements were offered to me, but I remained firm on my principle. This needs to be stopped. This is a false dream that we are selling. That only fair is lovely and beautiful. While most of the country’s population is dark. This is a big decision of the brand and others should also adopt it.

Bipasha Basu made her Bollywood debut in the 2001 film Ajnar, after rejecting two films. In spite of playing a negative role in this film, he was highly appreciated. He was also awarded the Filmfare Best Debut Award. In 2002, ‘Raj’ was a blockbuster hit.


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