Nepal launches army on border with India for the first time; Captured our land, stopped the river flow

Nepali jawans have stayed in about 400 tents of China along the Bihar border. China provided these tents to Nepal in relief material during the 2015 earthquake. Now they are being used to create check posts. Nepal has also installed CCTV cameras on the border.

Bihar. Nepal has also started doing activities like China on the border. Nepal has completely occupied the Susta region in Valmikinagar, Bihar. Indians have also been prohibited from going here. There is an old dispute with Nepal over 7,100 acres of land in the area. Now he has also claimed the Narsahi forest adjacent to Susta. Nepal Armed Force has made a camp here. Nepal also planted its flag in the riverbank forest near Triveni Ghat.

Nepal has put troops on the Bihar border for the first time, due to increasing tension between India and China. The camps, named after the Corona Quarantine Center, are military bases. The army movement was seen several times near the Raj Biraj Bhansar office of Nepal in front of Kunauli border of Supaul. The activities of the Nepalese army are also seen towards Matihani adjoining Madhubapur in Madhubani. However, a Nepali jawan stationed near the village of Mahadeva adjacent to Raxaul said that it was a matter of few days. Soon the situation will be the same.

At the same time, locals say that Nepal is taking advantage of the soft approach of SSB from India. Explain that the Narasahi jungle is parallel to Susta across the Gandak River. 14,500 acres of forest land have been in the possession of India from the beginning. Now Nepal has cultivated sugarcane here.

Monitoring from check post at 100-100 meters

Nepal was never considered a separate country in Bihar. There has been unrestrained movement across the border. But now there are Nepal Armed Forces personnel every 100 meters along the border. They are preventing those crossing the border. Gandak barrage is also sealed. Valmikinagar ashram and Susta also cannot be visited. Nepal is preparing to build 220 posts of armed forces on the 1751 km border with India. 94 posts will also be made on the 631 km border out of 729 adjoining Bihar.

Nepal encroached on 12 places No Mens Land

IG Sanjay Kumar of SSB Patna Frontier said that there is a dispute over land at some places including Susta due to erosion of Gandak river. There is an encroachment on No Mens Land on more than a dozen locales. Efforts are on to resolve the dispute. The alert has also been increased from the Indian side. There are 8,000 pillars on the 1,751 km long Indo-Nepal border. Of these, 1,240 are missing. 2,500 pillars will be renewed. Missing Pilar is having trouble patrolling.

Nepal’s handiwork: Took water rake, so that SSB soldiers are worried

Nepal began construction of a bridge across the village of Susta, across the Gandak River. When India objected, the construction had to be stopped midway.

Gave a water source at Bhikhanathodi in Narkatiaganj, so that SSB jawans get upset. His camp is 50 meters from the water source. Here water comes from boring. However, due to the shutdown of water, common people are facing problems.

Nepal protested against dam repair near Triveni Ghat in Valmikinagar in early June. India’s stern stance and SSB’s interference make the case quiet. But the construction of the sluice gate is at a standstill.

Nepal stopped dam repair work near Balua in East Champaran. Accused of increasing the height by crossing No Men’s Land. Whereas, it is packed with rain.

There is a tension over the construction of the dam near Sitamarhi’s Bairganiya.

Nepal protested on Approach Road near Nawahi village on the road going from Sitamarhi to Bhitthamod. Now construction is at a standstill.

The Kamla Canal embankment was broken in 2019 at Akounha near Innerwa border in Jayanagar. Nepal deployed armed forces to repair it. After this India had to move away from No Man’s Land to form an embankment.

Nepal is building adjacent to No Man’s Land. A stadium is being built in Madhwapur. Temporary construction in No Mens Land at more than a dozen locations in East Champaran, Sitamarhi and Madhubani.

The Consulate General of India has written a letter to Nepal regarding all these issues of dispute.

Flood hazard in Bihar: Flood is also an important issue between Nepal and India. Broken embankments are repaired every year. But this time due to Nepal’s objection, there has been a threat of flood in Bihar.

Fairlane Road is making China’s agency near the border

Nepal is building wide roads every 10–20 km to reach the Indian border. Nepal intensified the work when India started constructing a road parallel to the border. There is a two-lane road to Sonbarsa in India. Nepal made a fourlane road parallel to it. Nepal has almost completed the construction of the fourlane road to Bhitthamod to reach Janakpur. According to local people, all the roads passing through Nepal border area have been connected to the highway going from Narayani to Bhutwal, which is being constructed by the Chinese agency.

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