Unsung bowlers in Indian cricket history

Ishant Sharma

New Delhi: There have been many great bowlers in the history of cricket so far, who have recorded many records on the field. The bowlers of the Indian cricket team have also played the sting of their speed and skill all over the world. But the names of some of the bowlers of Team India remain hidden despite performing well. Yes, there are some bowlers from India who have made their name all over the world by their performance, but later they do not remember anything special. Although there was a shortage of fast bowlers in the Indian team in the early stages of cricket, but today India has many great fast bowlers who have upset the batsmen of the whole world with their aggression. So, let’s start today’s story in which we are going to tell you the names of the bowlers of the Indian cricket team who have recorded their record of putting the fastest ball.

Varun Aaron 
Team India Varun Aaron plays for Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Also before this, Varun has also played for Kolkata Knight Riders. Let us tell you that Aaron is one of the few bowlers who have made the record of throwing the fastest ball. Aaron, who played a total of 9 Tests and 9 ODIs for India, has bowled his fastest ball at a speed of 153 km per hour. He did this feat during the Ranji Trophy. Varun Aaron is told that he can bowl continuously at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Well these days Aaron is rarely seen on the field due to his injuries.  

Ishant Sharma 
Ishant Sharma started his career against South Africa. He has made a different point in fast bowling. Ishant is the lifeblood of the Indian fast bowling attack, especially in Test cricket. Ishant bowled at a speed of 152.6 km per hour in the Adelaide Test match against Australia in 2008. After this feat of Ishant, he achieved a big place in Team India.

Javagal Srinath (Javagal Srinath)
Javagal Srinath, often known for his calm nature and quietness on the field, often spoke with his bowling. He did many feats in bowling. Javagal Srinath threw the ball at a speed of more than 150 kmph several times in the year 1996-97. During his time, he had brightened India’s name in fast bowling.

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