IPL 2020: IPL players locked in UAE, were free in India, ban on exit from room

They were free in India. But the UAE has to be closed in the room. Have arrived to play IPL, but the starting time is very troublesome. Stay alone in a hotel room around the clock. You cannot even go to a fellow player in a nearby room. Can’t go out to eat food. Can’t go to the gym Can not take outside air. Just do what you have to do inside the room. Recently, a foreign player posted a post on Instagram, in which he found a cockroach in his hotel room.

The Rajasthan Royals player wrote in the post, “Finally found a partner.” The player had put up another post, in which he moved his bed and made room to exercise. All the players participating in the IPL were required to go to Quarantine as soon as they reached the UAE. Everybody is getting a Kovid test done every three days.

Spending time heavily: Members of all teams are finding it difficult to spend time locked in a room alone. Food has to be ordered inside. Watching TV and driving mobiles are cutting time. Yes, it is definitely that all of them are working out by making space inside the room. Players are counting the hours when the quarantine time is over and they can breathe in the open air.

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