Two buildings of mafia Mukhtar Ansari’s sons demolished in Lucknow

The LDA has taken major action against the mafia Mukhtar Ansari on Thursday. Two buildings of Mukhtar Ansari’s sons built in Dalibagh, Lucknow, were demolished. On the spot, Mukhtar Ansari’s son Abbas and Omar Ansari also got into a clash on the tower, after which the police chased them away.

Mukhtar Ansari’s sons had captured the enemy property and built a two-story building. The order of Giran was issued by LDA Joint Secretary Ritu Suhas on 11 August. Action began on Thursday morning. For this, more than 250 policemen and more than 20 JCBs including LDA and police administration were engaged. The LDA demolished the Mafia building shortly after by running a bulldozer.

The UP Police is tightening its grip on the Mukhtar gang. From Purvanchal to Lucknow, police are taking swift action against the people associated with Mukhtar. Mau police has now transferred 12 criminals close to Mukhtar to Badar. These offenders include Mukhtar’s sharp shooter Anuj Kanoujia, Sashad Altamash, Aneesh, Mohar Singh, Zulfikar Qureshi, Tariq, Mohammad Salman, Aamir Hamza, Mohammad Talha, Javed Arju, Mohammad Hashim and Rashid.

Mau’s SP told that they have been changed to district for the next 6 months. Mau SP said that the arms licenses of all these criminals have also been canceled and other action is also being taken.

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