India writes to UN on Pakistan’s false claim to make statement in UNSC

India has formally written a letter to the United Nations about Pakistan’s false claim to make a statement on terrorism at the UN Security Council meeting. The meeting was not open to non-member nations of the council. Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations claimed that the neighboring country had made a statement at the Security Council meeting. After this, India on Monday (24 August) revealed Pakistan’s list of lies.

India has now formally written to the United Nations and has spoken about Pakistan’s false claim that it has made a statement in the Council. India on Monday strongly rejected what was said in Pakistan’s claim. Pakistan’s mission falsely claimed that its ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, made a statement during the Security Council’s discussion on the Secretary-General’s report on threats to international peace and security from terrorist activities.

However, the meeting of the Security Council was not open to non-member nations of the Council on threats to international peace and security. Germany’s mission to the United Nations tweeted a picture of the meeting in which only 15-member Security Council member countries ambassadors can be seen at the meeting. Pakistan is not a member of the Security Council. India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations had said, “We have seen the statement of Pakistan’s mission to the United Nations, claiming that these statements were made by the Permanent Representative of Pakistan in the UN Security Council.”

The Indian Mission said, “We could not understand where the Permanent Representative of Pakistan actually made his statement because the Security Council session was not open to non-member nations today.” Pakistan’s five big lies have been uncovered. “Pakistan’s assertion of cross-border terrorism for decades was a lie India had said,” Telling a lie a hundred times does not make it true. Most of the cross-border terrorism against India is The big sponsor is now pretending to show India as a victim of terrorism.

On Akram’s assertion that Pakistan has eliminated al-Qaeda from the region, India said that perhaps the permanent representative of Pakistan did not know that Osama bin-Laden was hiding in his own country and that US forces had taken control of Pakistan. He was found inside. Nor has he heard his Prime Minister calling Osama bin Laden a martyr. Strongly rejecting Pakistan’s lies, India termed the claim of the neighboring country as ‘ridiculous’ that India had hired terrorists like hired ponies to attack it.

India said, “Such a claim on behalf of a country which is known as the perpetrator of cross-border terrorism, which has hurt the world with its activities, is nothing short of foolish.” Said that there are a large number of terrorists in Pakistan which have been banned by the United Nations and many of these banned terrorists and organizations are carrying out activities in Pakistan with complete relaxation.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan himself confessed to having 40,000 to 50,000 terrorists inside Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly last year. In the context of raising the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in Akram’s false statement, India said that Pakistan makes ridiculous claims about India’s internal affairs.

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