If Joe Biden wins the presidential election, American citizens will not be safe: Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence has warned US citizens that violence will spread in their cities if Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden wins against Donald Trump in the November presidential election. Pence described Biden as a ‘cheerleader’ of China and a ‘Trojan horse’ of the radical left. The Greeks made a wooden horse, known as the ‘Trojan horse’, to enter the city of Troy. Greek soldiers hid in this horse. The people of Troy took the horse inside the fort and this caused their defeat.

On the third day of the Republican National Conference (RNC), 61-year-old Pence officially accepted the vice presidential nomination on behalf of the Republican Party. People shouted slogans of “four more years.” The US is going to have elections on November 3. Pence accepted the nomination, saying, “It is clear that to get America back on track, we have to get President Donald Trump and Four years should be in the White House. ”

Pence said Biden would pursue policies that would make roads unsafe and cause violence in American cities. He cautioned voters, “The truth is … you will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” Trump will face Joe Biden of the Democratic Party in the US presidential election. Democratic vice president Mike Pence The party has fielded Indian-American Senator Kamala Harris.

In his speech from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Pence said, “Joe Biden is a ‘cheerleader’ of Communist China… Wants to repeal all the charges that are giving American workers a chance to equalize and they have taken the global epidemic.” The latter also opposed President Trump’s decision to ban all kinds of visits from China. ”

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump suddenly surprised everyone by arriving here. Pence in his address targeted every policy of Biden. Biden “is nothing more than the ‘Trojan horse’ of the radical left,” he said. “Pence said that Trump is not for you if voters want a president who is silent on the insult to our heritage.” “You will see that their agenda is clear, which will be nothing more than the ‘Trojan horse’ of the Biden fundamentalist Left,” he said. Never before in elections have the choice been so clear, and never before has so much been at stake. ”

He said this amid protests against the incident of a black man being shot by police in Wisconsin on Sunday. The incident has given rise to protests across the country after the death of another black man, George Floyd, recently due to police brutality. Earlier Pence said, “And in the last four years, I have seen the president targeted many times, but he did not give up and continued to struggle to deliver on the promises made to the American people.”

He said, “So, with gratitude for the confidence that President Donald Trump has shown in me, by the support of the Republican Party and by the grace of God, I would humbly accept your nomination to contest for the Vice President of America.” Am. “President Donald Trump will be officially declared Presidential candidate on behalf of the Republican Party on Thursday at the RNC.

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