Demand for action against dissident leaders within the Congress

Controversy in Congress is not taking the name of freeze at the moment. Within the party, demands have been raised against the leaders who wrote letters to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Many party leaders believe that in the matter of letters, the high command should immediately take a strong stance and give a strong message. Meanwhile, there are indications that disgruntled leaders may soon hold another meeting to formulate their own strategy.

A senior party leader said that the way the Congress leadership is handling the dispute, the dissatisfied leaders are being encouraged. Dissatisfied leaders are making rhetoric even after seven hours of discussion in the Congress Working Committee and further requests by the party president forgetting everything. Therefore, the party should take strict action in this matter immediately.

The CWC also demanded action against the leaders who wrote the letter. After the meeting of the Congress Working Committee on Monday, the party has tried to give a message to the disgruntled leaders in the decisions related to the Parliament. In the Lok Sabha, the party has not given any place to Manish Tiwari and Shashithurur, while in the Rajya Sabha, a five-member committee has been formed, reducing the stature of Opposition Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and Upaneta Anand Sharma. The committee also includes Ahmed Patel, Jairam Ramesh and KC Venugopal. Till now the decisions of the party in the Rajya Sabha were Azad and Anand Sharma.

On the other hand, disgruntled leaders are also realizing that the party is not paying attention to their demands. Instead of following the suggestions given in the letter, they are being targeted within the party itself. In such a situation, disgruntled leaders can meet soon to decide the strategy. One of the disgruntled leaders said that we are waiting for the party. We will meet soon to decide the strategy.

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