Apple may launch its search engine to compete with Google search, read details

Several recent reports have revealed that Apple may launch its search engine soon. If seen, Google has kept its place in the search engine space for many years. But now it seems that Apple is going to enter this competition soon. Earlier there were Yahoo and Bing who used to compete with Google but now it is not so. A report online says that many such companies have given many such measures which point towards this step.

Apple has recently started hiring engineers to hire their search engines. Apple has started this hiring for its Spotlight search engine. There is also a report that Apple has outpaced Google in iOS 14 version. Spotlight search is a search feature given in Apple and Mac where the user can search the internet content from their MacBook device. This is also like Google. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are also mentioned in the jobs fired for Apple’s search engine. According to the app app mentioned in Jab, there are such indications that the company is trying to implement all these in its search engine.

Job description and spotlight search behavior According to Coywolf has estimated that Apple’s search engine will work as a personal data hub Can do. The post suggests that it may be similar to the Google Assistant on Android devices. But there has been talk of no advertisements and it is being said to be completely private. Company iOS users’ contacts, documents, emails, events, files, messages, maps, music, notes, news, photos, reminders, TV shows and One can use AI and ML for best use of search results based on movies.

The Post also speculated that Apple’s search engine could challenge Google’s monopoly on search and impact its revenue.

Google pays Apple. Google pays a huge amount to Apple to become a default user. In July, the UK Competition and Markets Authority stated that the arrangement between Apple and Google constitutes “a significant barrier to entry and expansion” for Google’s rivals in the search engine market. It is now being speculated that Apple may soon end its ongoing partnership with Google.

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