Yogi government has released the Unlock 4 Guidelines

After the Central Government, the Yogi Government has now released the Unlock 4 Guidelines for UP. Most of the directions of the center have been followed in this. Metro will also be able to run in UP from September 7. The school colleges will remain closed till 30 September. The order in this regard has been issued on behalf of Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari. 

School-college closed but relaxation of some activities: 
All school-colleges and coaching institutes will remain closed till 30 September. From September 21, students of classes 9 to 12 in the area outside the Containment Zone will be able to go to the school college for consultation with teachers. 50 percent teachers and staff in schools can be called for online counseling. 

These will be closed for the time being
– all cinemas, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, auditoriums and other such places will remain closed. Open air theaters will be opened from September 21. There will be no restriction on the movement of persons and goods between the states and within the state. 

– Passenger trains, domestic air travel and Indian nationals trapped abroad will be exempted. 

– There will be strictness in the Containment Zone  

– Containment zone will have intensive contact tracing and house to house surveillance. Except a medical emergency and supply of essential items, no person will be able to come in or go out.

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