China deploys missiles on the border, results may be terrible: Congress

The Congress claimed on Sunday that photographs taken by the satellite showed that China had deployed missiles at the eastern borders at Naku La and Doka La, threatening India’s security. The party demanded that the government should take the nation into confidence on the issue.

Gogoi, the deputy leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha, said it was a matter of grave concern that affects national security and could have terrible consequences. He said, “This is a very serious issue and we have been constantly reminding the Modi government about the expansion of China’s military strength, but the Government of India and the Prime Minister are silent.”

Congress leaders Rajiv Shukla and Gaurav Gogoi said at a joint digital press conference that the government should discuss the issue during the monsoon session of Parliament and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should respond to everyone’s concerns. Government sources underlined that the Armed Forces are closely monitoring activities along the border.

Both Congress leaders asked why the government was silent on the issue. Shukla told reporters, ‘We urge the Indian government to take the nation into confidence. The government should also discuss this issue with the Corona virus in Parliament, and clarify what threat to the country’s security. ‘

Both leaders said that the government should tell about its action plan to deal with the situation.

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