US diplomat said – America’s Indo-Pacific strategy cannot succeed without India

A top US diplomat said that the US needs India to succeed in its strategy of an independent and open Indo-Pacific region. At the US-India Strategic Forum, the third summit of the Indo-US leadership, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Begun stated that the new Indo-Pacific strategy reflects the realities of the modern world, focusing on democracies, free markets and values ​​that India and its people share with America and its people.

The conference was organized by the US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum. Begun said, “To make it successful, we have to focus on all the parameters in the area. This includes economics, security cooperation and this is not possible without putting India at the center of the strategy.

He said that, therefore, I think that America’s strategy cannot succeed without going with India. He also said that both countries are looking for a macroeconomic relationship with some dimensions of trade liberalization. They are also working together in the security field. 

Begun said, “So, in many ways, in many dimensions, US-India relations are contributing to this.” You can also see this in personal conversations between Indian and American leaders.

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