COVID-19 rules: Delhi police issued more than 2 lakh invoices to people for not applying masks

Between 15 June and 2 September, the Delhi Police has issued more than two lakh invoices for violation of Covid-19 rules. Authorities said on Thursday that most people have been fined for not wearing masks. Officials said that challans have also been cut for spitting in public places and violating social distancing norms. During this period, 2,60,991 challans were issued in 15 police districts and more than Rs 13 crore was recovered as penalty for violation of various rules.

Out of the total challan deducted, 29,297 challans were issued in outer district, followed by 23,389 in west district, 21,181 in Dwarka district and 20,513 in south district.

Out of these, a maximum of 2,33,545 invoices have been issued for not wearing masks. Of these, 26,889 have been issued in Outer District, 20,597 in West District, 20,330 in Southern District, 18,157 in Dwarka District and 15,613 in South-Eastern District, police said.

A total of 2,819 challans have been issued for spitting in public places. According to the data shared by the police, 460 challans were issued in Outer District, 376 in West District, 344 in South-West and 249 in Shahdara District, among others.

24,614 people were fined by the police for violating social distancing norms. Police said maximum 3,117 challans were issued in South-East District, 2,933 in Dwarka, 2,783 in Outer-North District and 2,569 in South-West District. Delhi Police has distributed masks to 2,47,007 needy people from June 15 till now.

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal had empowered health, revenue and police officials to impose fines of up to Rs 1,000 for violation of Kovid-19 rules, including non-compliance of quarantine rules, violation of social distancing, public or work sites. Including not applying a face mask. It also includes spitting in public places, and consuming paan, gutkha and tobacco in public places.

A fine of Rs 500 is imposed for the first offense and a fine of Rs 1,000 is imposed on the offenders who repeat the crime.

Police officials said that people make different excuses for not wearing masks when they cut invoices, but they repeatedly tell them what the importance of wearing masks is in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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