Dragon capturing India from Nepal border, China satellite on radar of security agencies

Security agencies were in a tizzy after seeing China’s satellite on the Pilibhit Nepal border in UP. As soon as the information was received, DM, SP Pilibhit, DIG Bareilly Range, SSP Bareilly contacted the intelligence officers of Trishul Air Force Station. Discussions were held with all security agencies. Security has been beefed up on the Nepal Pilibhit border. The SSB and the police patrolled the entire area but no movement and information was confirmed.

According to police sources, Central Intelligence Delhi had issued an alert for taking photographs through satellite at Pilibhit on Nepal border. After this, all officers and agencies became active till late Thursday night. The matter was investigated. DIG Range Rajesh Pandey, SSP Shailesh Kumar Pandey interacted with Air Force Station officials, officers of Army Intelligence. Information about the incident was also obtained from IB officials. The DIG took the report of the entire case from SP Pilibhit. Officers on the Nepal border were also discussed. The DIG has issued an alert on the entire Nepal border. Patroling has been increased.

When and how did India and China dispute

The India-China dispute is not new. China has had a dispute with India about three times in 45 years. After mutual agreement between the two countries, the dispute was resolved and trade and investment continued for a long time. The war between India and China in 1962 has been considered as the biggest war till now. At that time, this war lasted for about a month. At that time, 33 Indian Army soldiers posted at the army post of Galvan were martyred. Dozens of soldiers were also taken captive. China then occupied its claimed territory over Aksai-China. It was from here that the war between India and China started which continues till now. In 1967, several soldiers from China and India were killed in Nathu La. The armies of the two countries made different claims for this escape. Subsequently in 1975, the Indian Army patrol attacked LAC in Arunachal Pradesh by the Chinese Army.

What is the India-China border dispute

After the 1962 war, the dispute on the India-China border has increased again. Disputes have arisen between the armies of the two countries, calling the Galvan Valley a part of their respective countries. At the time when people around the world were struggling with the Corona crisis, on the other hand, India and China had come face to face with the border dispute. The battle, which began in the third week of April, continues till now. After this, security at the borders of both countries was increased. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also visited Galvan Valley after the growing dispute between India and China border on Galvan Valley. Not only this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Army Chief General Naravan also visited the border.

America did not speak on India-China border dispute: China

Due to the increasing tension on the Indo-China border, China has advised the US not to interrupt. Chinese Embassy spokesman Ji Rong was responding to a comment in which US Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Beigun said that his claims, including China’s aggressive actions on the border with India, would be pushed out. Ji Rong said that China favors fair, rational and mutually acceptable through peaceful and friendly consultation. He said that the two sides have been negotiating the boundary dispute at many levels and want a peaceful settlement of the border dispute.


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