US President Elections 2020: Donald Trump says – If Kamla Harris becomes President, it would be an insult to America

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked Democratic candidates for the post of Vice President, saying that people do not like her and it would be an insult to America if she becomes President. Trump said it is very easy to remember that if Biden wins, China wins.

Addressing a rally in North Carolina, he said that you have a situation where we build the largest economy in the history of the world and we were forced to shut it down, because the Chinese plague came. Now we have opened up the economy.

He said, “People don’t like her (American Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris). Nobody likes her. She can never be the first female president of America. It would be an insult to our country . ”

He said it was clear why China and the rioters want to win Biden, because they know that their policies will lead to the collapse of the United States. Attacking Harris, Trump said it was interesting that Biden chose him for the vice presidential candidate in the upcoming elections despite being out of the race.

Earlier, presidential candidates Joe Biden from the Democratic Party and President Donald Trump attacked each other on Monday for an understanding of the economy and the American workforce, with Labor Day reaching the final stages of the presidential election campaign.

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