9/11 attack: 3000 deaths, destruction all around … The world was shaken by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on this day

The year 2001 i.e. 19 years ago, on this day, America was shaken by the dreaded terrorist attacks. 11 September 2001 is recorded in US history. On this day, the world’s biggest terrorist attack took place, which killed 2996 people. The then US President George Bush called the incident the darkest day in American history. No one has forgotten that morning of September 11, 2001, as the World Trend Center, one of the tallest buildings in the world, had about 18,000 employees engaged in daily work, but something happened at 8:46 am That this morning was normal, it was creepy.

 The incident of 9/11 that shocked the world

On that day 19 al Qaeda terrorists hijacked 4 passenger aircraft and deliberately hit two of them with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, New York City, causing everyone on board the aircraft and thousands of people working inside the building. Were killed The speed with which the attack was carried out was more than 987.6 km / h. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, nearby buildings were destroyed and others damaged. He then crashed the third plane into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington DC. The aircraft crashed on a farm near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania, following an attempt by some passengers and flight crew of a fourth aircraft targeted toward Washington DC to regain control of the aircraft. However no one survived from any flight.

Twin towers turned into debris piles in 2 hours

2996 people lost their lives in this dreadful attack, including 400 police officers and firefighters. People from 57 countries were among those who died. The entire building was turned into rubble in about 2 hours. Among the casualties, only 291 bodies were such that could be properly identified. Significantly, after this attack, Indian traders bought thousands of tons of debris for about Rs 23 crore. The iron and steel released from it were recycled and used in new buildings.

America avenged the blood of its citizens

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was behind this painful attack. Then on 2 May 2011, the US, in retaliation, killed Osama in Abbottabad, Pakistan. However it took a full 10 years. After 13 years, the new building was opened to work there.

104-year-old building built on ground zero  

The Pentagon was cleaned and repaired within a year of the damage. The Pentagon Monument was built next to the building. The new building on Ground Zero is 104 floors, instead of the World Trade Center’s Dhastav buildings. This building is not only in New York or Manhattan but among the tallest buildings in America. It has been named One World Trade Center. It took 8 years to rebuild this skyscraper.

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