MPs were watching porn on mobile in Parliament, made this excuse for shameful action while caught in media cameras

The public selects their representatives and sends them to Parliament so that they will raise their voice to the most powerful stage, but sometimes some MPs do something that they have to embarrass themselves later. A similar thing has been observed in the Parliament of Thailand. Here, one MP was caught in the camera while sitting in the Parliament watching naked pictures on mobile. Later, when asked questions about this, he accepted it but also made a very strange excuse.

The budget was to be discussed in Thailand’s parliament on Thursday. All the MPs were busy looking at the documents for the budget. At the same time, MP Ronnathep Anuvat was busy doing something else on the phone. Journalists sitting in the press gallery took their pictures and zoomed in and found that they were seeing naked pictures of women. During this time, he also removed the mask from his face. He keeps staring at three pictures for a long time, in which one picture contains the woman Topelas, and in the second picture, she is naked and lying on the bed.

Chonburi Province MP of the ruling Palang Prakharath party was embarrassed when reporters later questioned him. However, he admitted that he was seeing nude photos in mobile. But he claimed that someone had sent him these pictures, demanding money and help. The MP said that he was trying to find out if the girl was in any danger by looking carefully at the background in the pictures. He was watching things around the girl.

Sassand said that he was watching the pictures carefully because he feared that the girl might be in the possession of the gangsters. He said that he later realized that the girl was asking for money, so he deleted those pictures from the mobile. After the matter was raised in the media, the government has asked for their reply. In 2012, Bangkok’s MP Nat Banadatan was also caught watching porn during the constitutional amendment.

A shameful incident has also happened in India, such an incident has also come to light in India. In 2012, two cabinet ministers in Karnataka assembly were caught on camera watching pornographic films on smartphones. Apart from this, in 2015, in the Odisha Legislative Assembly, one MLA was found involved in such activity.

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