Covid-19: 3.12 million infected and 9.63 lakh lost their lives

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic has infected more than 12 million people worldwide and more than 9.63 lakh people have died, released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of John Hopkins University, USA According to the data, 3,12,45,797 people have been infected with Corona so far and 9,63,693 people have died.

In the US, considered a global superpower, the number of people infected with corona has reached 68,56,884 and 1,99,865 people have died so far. According to data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday, 75,083 new cases of corona infection have crossed 55 lakhs to 55,62,664 in the last 24 hours. During this period, the death toll has risen to 88,935 with the death of 1053 patients.

In Brazil, 45,58,040 people have been affected so far, while 1,37,272 people have died. The number of people infected with corona in Russia has reached 11,05,048 and 19,420 people have lost their lives. The outbreak of the Corona epidemic continues to increase in Peru and it has reached the sixth place in terms of being infected with Corona. So far, 7,68,895 people have been infected with this virus and 31,369 people have died. So far, 7,70,435 people have been infected with the corona in Colombia and the number of deaths is 24,397. In Mexico, 700,580 people have been infected with the corona and 73,697 people have died. Spain has overtaken South Africa in eighth place in the number of Corona infects where the number has reached 6,71,468. The death toll from this virus has risen to 30,663.

South Africa is now ranked ninth after an increase in new cases. So far, 6,61,936 people have been affected and 15,992 have died. Argentina corona has reached number 10 in infected cases. So far, 6,40,147 people have been infected with this virus and the number of dead is 13,482. Corona has infected 4,47,468 people and 12,298 people have died. So far 4,96,851 people have been affected by it in France and 31,346 people have died. In Iran, 4,25,481 have been infected by the epidemic while 24,478 people have died.

So far 401,422 people have been infected with Corona in the UK and 41,877 have died. In Bangladesh, the number of infected has reached 350,621 and 4,979 people have died. In Saudi Arabia, 3,30,246 cases of corona have been reported while 4,512 people have died. Iraq has overtaken Pakistan in terms of corona infects. The number of infected here is 3,22,856, while 8,625 people have died.

So far, 3,06,886 people have been infected with Corona in Pakistan and 6,424 people have died. The number of corona infects in Turkey has reached 3,04,610 and 7,574 people have died. In the European country Italy, 2,99,506 people have been infected with this deadly virus and 35,724 people have died. The Philippines has overtaken Germany in cases of corona infections. 2,90,190 and 4,999 people have died here. So far 2,75,560 people have been affected by the virus in Germany and 9,390 people have died. In Indonesia, the number of infected reached 2,48,852 and 9,677 people have died.

Corona virus has 11,095 in Ecuador, 9950 in Belgium, 9279 in Canada, 7654 in Bolivia, 6657 in Netherlands, 6327 in Sweden, 5865 in Sweden, 5787 in Egypt, 4737 in China, 4458 in Romania, 3652 in Ukraine, 3124 in Guatemala, 2298 in Poland. , 2272 people have died in Panama, 2204 in Honduras, 2050 in Switzerland, and 1,920 in Portugal.

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