U.S. will stay away from the never ending ‘ridiculous’ foreign wars: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has said that America will stay away from the never ending ‘ridiculous’ foreign wars and call back its troops. He also vowed to kill terrorists who threaten Americans.

At a rally on Thursday in the electrically important state of Florida, Trump alleged that US politicians spent billions of dollars over the past several decades to rebuild other countries, fight foreign wars and protect foreign borders.

He said, “But now we are finally protecting our country to rebuild our cities.” At the same time, we are bringing our jobs, our companies and our soldiers back home to America. ”

Trump said to his supporters, “We will kill the terrorists who are a threat to our citizens and we will not let them enter our great country America.” We will stay away from the never ending ‘ridiculous’ foreign wars.’ “Referring to these wars, the President said that American soldiers are returning to their homes.

Earlier, the White House has said that if the President holds free and fair elections for the presidency, then President Donald Trump will accept the election results. White House press secretary Kelly McCannie has made this statement at a time when the president has recently raised controversy by refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event of defeat in the November 3 election.

“The President will accept the results of free and fair elections, but I think it would be better if you asked this question to the Democratic Party,” McCanni said in response to a question seeking assurances about peaceful transfer of power. Already saying that they will not accept election results.

McCanni was questioned by the journalist, “I am referring to that when the President was asked whether there would be a peaceful transfer of power, he did not say yes, so I am now asking that If he loses the election, will there be a peaceful transfer of power?

“South Carolina’s Democrat leader Jim Cliburn said Trump would not win if there was a fair election,” said the press secretary. Senator Barbara Boxer said the only way for Trump to win is to steal it. He said, “The Washington Post had titled that” Democrats probably won’t trust the outcome if Trump wins.

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