US Presidential Debate 2020: Joe Biden’s scathing attack on Donald Trump, president tells biggest lie

Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden face-to-face for the first time yesterday, just before the US presidential election on November 3. The US presidential election has survived 35 days, and yesterday the first presidential debate took place. Donald Trump and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party attacked each other in their first debate.  The first presidential presidential debates between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden were hotly debated, during which issues such as health care, the corona virus and the Supreme Court’s future were discussed.

In the US, there will be three such arguments between Trump and Biden before the November 3 election. Famous anchor Chris Wallas of ‘Fox News’ moderated the first debate. ‘C-SPAN Networks’ Steve Scully will conduct the second debate to be held in Miami (Florida) on October 15 and Kristen Welker of ‘NBC News’ in Nashville (Tennessee) on October 20. So let’s know all the special things related to the first presidential debates in America …

US Presidential Debate 2020 live updates:

-Democratic candidate Do Biden accused Donald Trump of failing to face Russia, saying that the US president is the ‘puppy’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

– Joe Biden questioned the Trump administration’s action on Corona, in response to which Trump said that the way we tackled the epidemic, you could never do it. Because it is not so in your blood.

In response to a New York Times report on tax returns, Trump said he had paid $ 750 tax the year he was elected. Biden then asked to show tax returns.

– The first presidential debate saw a heated debate between Trump and Biden. Biden called Trump a liar. He said that everyone here knows that Trump is a liar. In the opening phase of the debate, Biden fretted over the trump and said, “Will you shut up?”

The fact is that whatever he has been saying so far is only a lie. I am not here to expose his lies, because everyone here knows that he is a liar.

 Donald Trump on Obamacare said that no matter how well you run it, to be honest Obamacare is a disaster.

On the question regarding the appointment of Judge Amy Connie Barrett in the Supreme Court, Donald Trump said that we have won the election. Elections have many consequences. We have the Senate, we have the White House and we have an unprecedented name respected by all people.

-How are you? Joe Biden greeted President Trump at the start of his first debate, where he did not shake hands and follow the social distancing protocol.

– The first presidential debate has started in the US and both the leaders ie Trump and Biden are present face to face on stage.

To defend itself, Trump raised questions on the credibility of the number of corona infections in India

Donald Trump questioned the credibility of the number of people infected with the corona virus in India, claiming that it was one of the countries that did not disclose the actual number of deaths due to the epidemic.

Trump made this comment in the debate. Biden attacked Trump for tackling the Corona virus crisis and said the president lied to the Americans about the Covid-19 epidemic. The epidemic has infected more than 7 million people in the United States and killed more than 2 million people.

Defending his way of dealing with the current crisis, Trump said that if he had not acted, millions of Americans could have been killed. “When you talk about numbers, you don’t know how many people died in China,” Trump said. You do not know how many people died in Russia. You do not know how many people died in India. They do not tell you the real number. That’s all you understand.

Trump has repeatedly blamed China for the Corona virus, where the Covid-19 case first surfaced in December last year and later spread worldwide. It has killed more than a million people and infected thirty million people.

Biden attacked Trump for tackling the Corona virus epidemic, saying the president had “no plans” to fight the deadly disease and lied to the Americans.

Vice President Mike Pence (61) and Vice Presidential Democratic candidate Kamala Harris (55) will be debated for the vice presidential race on October 7 in ‘Salt Lake’, Utah. USA Today journalist Susan Page will conduct it.

All four debates are being organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CBD). These debates will be of 90 minutes.

In August, the CPD turned down the Trump campaign team’s request to hold a presidential debate in early September. Trump on Sunday told reporters that former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani were helping him prepare for the debate.

Earlier in the day, Trump had tweeted and demanded Biden’s ‘drug test’ before the debate. He tweeted, ‘I demand to have Joe Biden’s’ drug test’ before or after the debate. I am certainly willing to do this. His performance in the debate has always been uneven. Only drugs can cause these discrepancies. ‘

Meanwhile, more than 70 members of Congress have written to the CPD, appealing to make climate change a matter of debate. The first presidential debate in the US was on 26 September 1960.

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