Imran Khan’s over-acting in defense of the army, this statement on Kargil should not be turned upside down

The allegation of army puppet government in Pakistan is not new to Imran Khan, but he is giving a lot of clarification on it these days. Cricketer-turned-politician Imran’s uneasiness has increased because the opposition has announced to open a front against this system, making the military’s interference in politics an issue. Imran made several arguments on the defense of the army during a TV interview on Thursday. But during this over-acting, he also said such things, which may annoy his bosses.

Imran Khan, describing himself as a democratically elected Prime Minister, said that no one can dare to ask for his resignation. It is believed that the words used by Imran Khan only for the sake of appearance, it will not be easy for Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa to bear.

Imran Khan said that if ISI DG Lt General (Retd) Zaheer-ul-Islam had asked for his resignation, he would have removed him from the post. Imran Khan was targeting Nawaz Sharif, who was allegedly demanded by an ISI officer in 2014. Irman Khan said, “You were the Prime Minister, how dare he say this to you?” If anyone tells me so, I will ask for his resignation. ”

When asked that if you too are asked to resign on behalf of the army, what will you do? In response to this, Irman Khan said, I will immediately ask for his resignation, I am the Prime Minister of the country, I am the elected Prime Minister, who is afraid to say this to me.

Irman described Nawaz as weak and strong in front of the army and said, “When General Musharraf went to Sri Lanka, this wise man called another general from behind and said that I will make you Army Chief.” So foolish, I would have been…. Later, we did not know that he had attacked Kargil, if an army chief attacked Kargil without asking me, I would have called him in front and removed him. ”

When asked who is the real boss of Pakistan, Imran Khan or Bajwa? Avoiding a direct answer to this question, Imran said that wherever he would need the army to run the government, he would seek help. Imran said that he has full support of the army, because the army stands behind a democratic government. Nawaz Sharif’s government was not democratic.

Do not get angry, Bajwa
experts who keep an eye on Pakistan, say that Imran Khan spoke more while defending the army. Even though Bajwa may be aware that Imran has tried to defend him due to Allan-e-Jung against the army of the opposition, but the way he showed his eyes but in the way of appearances, it should not go wrong in public. . The army has been justifying the Kargil war and Musharraf has also been defended in this matter. In such a situation, the eyes are now on the reaction of the army.

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