Trump met with supporters after leaving hospital

President Donald Trump got out of the car on Sunday to meet his supporters and thanked the assembled crowd. Shortly after the President’s visit, he shocked his supporters by posting a video on social media in which he promised to meet again.

In the video, Trump said, “It’s a very interesting journey.” “I’ve learned a lot about COVID. I’ve really learned it by going to school. It’s a real school. It’s not a school that reads books and it’s a very interesting thing.” On the first day, Trump’s doctor said his health was improving “and said he could be discharged on Monday.

Brien Garibaldi, a member of Trump’s medical team, said today, ‘He is fine at the moment. Our plan is to feed them and lift them from bed. If the President’s health continues to improve, we can discharge him on Monday and send him to the White House where he will continue his treatment further.

Trump and his wife Melania were infected with Corona. President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday. They are being given antibodies. The doctor said that Trump was also given oxygen. President Trump released the video on Twitter on Saturday, saying he was feeling good but that the next few days would be a real test for him.

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