Facebook will ban political advertisements after US elections

There is an election in America and the eyes of the whole world rest there. In many countries, social media has been seen as an important part of elections in the past. Meanwhile, Facebook on Wednesday said it would stop running political or social-issue ads after the US elections closed on November 3 to reduce the possibility of confusion or abuse.

Facebook also said that any news related to the counting of votes or before counting the winner ahead of time will be presented with reliable information from news outlets and election officials. During a press briefing, a senior Facebook official said, “If a candidate or party head announces a win by a media outlet ahead of time, we will add specific information to the notification that the counting is still going on and a winner is determined.”

Keeping in mind the US elections, rules are being tightened on political posts and AIDS on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is under pressure not to share any misinformation between elections and cannot be used to incite social divisions. Like it did during the 2016 presidential elections. According to Monica Beckett, vice president of content policy, there has been a steady expansion of policies against voter scolding initiated by Facebook four years ago.

Bickert said in the briefing, “In the final days of this election, we know we will see a surge in an attempt to intimidate voters. ” She said that Facebook will remove all the posts which are making objectionable talk about elections and voting and in which it is being said that carrying weapons at the voting booth.

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